Environmental Criteria

The Sustainable Angle selects fabrics for the Future Fabrics Expo according to quality, aesthetics and suitability for both fashion and function.

To ascertain environmental impact, we assess each fabric and mill individually against the following environmental criteria, which have been developed together with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

The fabrics and mills are not definitively graded, but are awarded the following symbols in relation to the provenance, processing, raw materials and systems management involved in the fabric production, in order to help easily identify and choose materials.

As well as these key criteria, ethical and local production, recycled materials, and entirely certified supply chains are taken into consideration.

Environmental Criteria Symbols

Water –materials created in systems that reduce, recycle reuse and treat water to ensure water courses and ground water are not depleted or polluted. The use of progressive methods and technologies to significantly reduce water inputs across the supply chain. This may involve programmes that improve water quality and access to clean water for local communities.

Waste –materials produced by reducing or eliminating waste at every stage in the textile production process, demonstrating exemplary recycling and re-use practices, following circular models and cradle to cradle principles. Including the identification of waste streams that can be regenerated in to new material.

Energy –materials suppliers that demonstrate concrete actions to transition away from fossil fuels, both as a raw material, and as a source of energy. This includes materials grown with regenerative agricultural practices that have the potential to capture atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Biodiversity –grown source materials created using organic and regenerative principles that respect and support biodiversity. This includes raw material sources that preserve high value eco systems, (such as ancient and endangered forests).

More information on Certifications can be found HERE