Future Fabrics Expo at ISPO Munich 24-27 January 2016

9th December 2015     Event Future Fabrics Expo Sourcing Trade Shows

After a successful 5th edition of the Future Fabrics Expo in London in September 2015, The Sustainable Angle have been invited to showcase a range of forward-thinking sustainable materials for sportswear and lifestyle clothing at INSPIRE, a sustainability and innovation showcase within ISPO Munich in January 2016, organised by GreenroomVoice and Brands for Good. Future Fabrics Expo companies featured will include Elmer & Zweifel, Hans Global / Creative Tech, Ananas Anam, New Natural Textiles (Selvancolour™), and Ecological Textiles.


INSPIRE has grown over the years with more and more companies participating, and for the next edition 2016, GRV is teaming up with AIR (Agence Innovation Responsable) to concentrate on the subject of Circular Economy.

During ISPO 2016 and beyond, the idea is to gather the sports and outdoor community to inspire and represent the best sustainability achievements in the industry.

INSPIRE will feature products, brands and suppliers who have found an innovative and forward-looking way of dealing successfully with challenges. INSPIRE will gather brands, suppliers, recyclers, manufacturers, standards and labels in an interdisciplinary approach. It further aims to attract those who are looking for answers, services and innovations.

The concept of INSPIRE is structured around the subjects of RAW MATERIALS (material level) where the Future Fabrics Expo showcase by The Sustainable Angle will be located, INNOVATIVE “Circular” DESIGN (concepts and guidelines for a circular approach), USE & CARE (opportunities for new business models), END OF USE (concepts, infrastructure, etc).

“We see this as a very positive development, that increasing numbers of outdoor brands are living up to their responsibility and taking a leading role in implementing best practice in this area.” – Pamela Ravasio, CSR & Sustainability Manager, EOG

Presentations and workshops will be part of the concept. News about the program will follow shortly.

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