Visitor Testimonials

“It was a really great experience to visit the Expo, as it’s such an opportunity for designers and brands to source their materials from more sustainable mills. The platform you provide makes it a lot easier to get in contact or even discover new mills, such as emerging innovative materials.” – Ana Pasalic from Stella McCartney Ltd

“This was a great event with a good selection of brands attending and I learned about some new fibre technologies that have recently been released onto the market as a result. If you’re looking for sustainable fabrics the Sustainable Angle has a great library to browse covering all different product types and manufacturing regions.” – Mark Dodds

“The 6th Future Fabrics Expo has a great selection of fabrics and fashion materials, and the guided tour!” – COS

“The expo was very good and the cause is really important. The expo was very well put together… I really appreciated the expo, and I would like to visit again.” – H&M

“The 6th Future Fabrics Expo is a very visionary and inspiring showcase. It is the future.” – M&S

“It [Future Fabrics Expo] is very interesting, and super useful. Anybody who is interested in sustainable textiles should go; it is a great sourcing hub.” – Katharine Hamnett

“We learned about new innovations and interesting techniques at the 6th Future Fabrics Expo. We had no expectation when we arrived but went away with happy faces and a lot of new ideas.” – Peak Perfomance

“[Conventional] cotton is so overrated. The Future Fabrics Expo is really good to find alternative fabrics.” – Leah Borromeo, Guardian Sustainable Business

“The innovation embodied in the event was exceptional…[The] Future Fabrics Expo highlighted the sheer range of sustainable solutions available on the global market today, and demonstrated that the pace of innovation in sustainable technology is reaching the stage where it can comfortably keep up with consumer demand…”

“Having worked as a designer, researcher and tutor in the field of fashion and its contribution to life, I was truly inspired, clearly informed and delightfully surprised by the incredible Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo recently held in London. The aesthetic of the show was balanced by its integrity in visualising and describing a range of high quality fashion materials with diverse application possibilities. Other visitors seemed equally captured by the contents and the exhibition was buzzing with excitement and interest. This is no ordinary fabric show, this is a future fabrics expo – this shows that the possibility is there for fashion designers and buyers to explore more credible practices with style!” – Dilys Williams, Director Centre for Sustainable Fashion

“…a small but perfectly formed affair!” – Ted Baker

“We believe [the Future Fabrics Expo] has the potential to become a significant force in steering the industry down a greener route.” – Sportswear International

“I was very impressed with the collection of sustainable fabrics available, in particular the shirting fabrics. The Info Hub provided interactive information on relevant tools and initiatives for anyone (but specifically would be of interest to designers, buyers and technicians) wishing to enhance their knowledge on sustainable design and sourcing.” – Carol Rose, WRAP

“I love the curating job in this Future Fabrics Expo with the fabric categories and rails organised by feeling. As a brand we appreciate this kind of curating. It is great to see progressive technical fabrics as well as aesthetic fabrics together.” – Ada Zanditon, designer

“The Expo brings together leading fabric innovation from localised production to cutting edge globally sourced fibres, to provide designers and brands with much needed access to sustainable suppliers. It is awesome to see the diverse collection as a whole and connect with the dedicated suppliers who make it up. It is an invaluable resource for fashion designers and fashion educators.” – Lizzie Harrison, Sustain, Royal College of Art

“Great to see such a diverse array of sustainable materials on show. I particularly enjoyed the amount of information that was available about materials and sustainability and other related research projects. The expo was easy to navigate around and information was accessible and engaging. I thought the series of iPads also worked really well as information points to different issues and ideas – helping to add a richer context around the materials collection as a whole.” – Emma Dulcie Rigby, Programme Co-Leader, Fashion Design, Buckinghamshire New University

“We flew in from California just for the Future Fabrics Expo. It was so worth it, we found many fabrics for our brand.” – Alex Otton, ‘Amor de’ fashion

“Oh joy to be confronted with the largest choice of sustainable fabrics and sustainable fabric producers I have ever seen in one place. Well done for bringing together so many sustainable mills and producers.” – Cock & Bull

“What a great opportunity to be able to see the various approaches and aspects of sustainability and be able to compare the fabrics side by side.” – Designs on Earth

“Each time I visit…I am impressed with the number of alternative fabrics that are available.” – Style with Heart

“I really appreciate the initiative and think it’s very important to have this expo on sustainable fabrics. It was a clear set up and I’m looking forward to pass by the next time!” – Kuyichi

“Future Fabrics Expo is brilliant and cohesive and provided me with lots of interesting new solutions” – Ada Zanditon

Exhibitor Testimonials

“Future Fabrics Expo is a wonderful show organised by a professional team of enthusiastic people. For us, as a fabric supplier focusing on long term sustainability, this exhibition is an ideal place to meet likeminded clients. The expo carefully safeguards its sustainability standards, which is not only great for the market, but also attracts high level brands. Good for business: we are surely coming back & can’t wait to see how to show develops in the years to come.” – Cindy Peng the COO of GAC

“We so enjoyed attending the 2017 event and wonderful ranges of sustainable  fabrics and organic cotton based cloth that fitted so well with what we do. The seminars were interesting and the event was a real pleasure to attend” – Phil Wheeler from Organic Textile Company

“We like the Sustainable Angle a lot because dedication towards really enviromentally friendly fabrics meets knowlegde about materials and trends. Since years they are working hard bringing together material suppliers and interested designers and buyers. We alsways get a lot of good business leads throuhgh the show which are also long lasting. Highly recommended as a platform.” – Lebenskleidung

“Future Fabrics Expo pop up at Sustainable Brands Conference 2014: “In terms of the Activation Hub, The Sustainable Angle’s participation was exemplary: offering open space with high-top table for people to mingle in front of, as well as the tactile stands, offered a welcome area where attendees could independently educate themselves about The Sustainable Angle and look to [their] team for deeper explanation – I only hope future Activation Hub participants can follow!”

“I am so glad I had the chance to attend the 5th Future Fabrics Expo, and I have had a very good experience working with The Sustainable Angle. Straight after the show I started working with my R&D team to create more varieties of our Seawool fabric, and wish to showcase them with The Sustainable Angle again.” – Hans Global Textile

“We were delighted to be included in this year’s Future Fabrics Expo.  Offset Warehouse is an ethical textile company that works with designers in the fashion industry, and this event was perfectly targeted towards that sector. As we operate primarily online, the expo is a great place for designers to touch and experience our fabrics without having to purchase samples. Participating in the expo was completely hassle-free, requiring only an excel spreadsheet and a box of fabrics – the Sustainable Angle took care of the rest. The event was busy with lots of visitors, and we had many followup enquiries from designers, already with a history of working ethically, who may not have found us otherwise.” – Offset Warehouse

“Kassim Denim is always eager and happy to be part of the Future Fabrics Expo, as it marks our resolve to undertake more sustainable production methods, and produce lower impact materials. In our partnership with The Sustainable Angle we endeavor to bring to the world’s designers and fashion brands Denim fabrics crafted with a passion for the fabric and a strong belief in a greener world.” – Kassim Denim

“The 5th Future Fabrics Expo was the 2nd one that we have been a part of and it certainly built upon the success of last year.  There was a constant buzz at the event, and a true sense that visitors were learning about and finding new sustainable ways to do business. We’re looking forward to next year already!” – Historic Futures

“The Future Fabrics Expo is more than a unique and selective exhibition. It is a place to be innovative and bold. It is a space to dare to break with convention and societal expectations in order to bring humanistic values to the forefront of the conversation in the fashion and textile industries. Our world is changing very rapidly and a hub like the Future Fabrics Expo is contributing to help the industry, and consequently our society, catch-up with the needs of our times.” – Silvana Palacios, Selvacolour ™

“The Future Fabrics Expo was very enlightening. It is great to see the global textile industry uniting to a deeper cause of sustainability. I would also take this opportunity to congratulate the team for putting up a great show and for the support extended” – Mr Shreyaskar Choudhary, MD Pratibha Syntex Ltd, India

“Thanks for everything and all your support and feedback, and most importantly a successful show! PhotoGanic | Organic Fabrics is thrilled to be involved with such a fresh and dynamic team, and, gauging form the initial response to this latest show, we believe that the Future Fabrics Expo will move from strength to strength in reaching a wider audience and educating more and more designers about the importance and availability of sustainable textiles worldwide. We are already looking forward to the next one.” – PhotoGanic | Organic Fabrics

“We joined the Future Fabrics Expo because we firmly believed in the concept of sustainability. Through this forum we can show the world Pakistan’s resolve to be an active player in the crucial matter of sustainability. The response we get from visitors to the expo is most heartening, and we welcome all queries about our denim products from all. The integrity shown by The Sustainable Angle to this cause has had us sponsoring the Future Fabric Expo, and we shall continue our support in the future.” – Kassim Denim

“The Future Fabrics Expo, organised by The Sustainable Angle, gave a great opportunity to make the many visitors aware of GOTS. The Expo allowed us to make the link between GOTS and the touch and feel of really sustainable fabrics that carry our logo and which are available to designers now.” – Christopher Stopes UK Representative of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

“This is going really well, there were already several brands contacting us a few days after the expo” – Elmer & Zweifel

“We love small designers and start ups, they have the excitement, energy, and courage we enjoy working with, and there seemed to be lots at the show. We have really enjoyed the feedback and response to our fabrics from visitors to the Future Fabrics Expo – many many thanks for all your hard work.” – Organic Textile Company

“The Future Fabrics Expo had a real buzz about it and was a great opportunity for us to meet a cross section of the Fashion industry interested to think about where their products are coming from and how they have been made. It is great to see so many people passionate about sustainability, and we hope the event will continue to grow.” – Historic Futures

“The big interest of the Fashion industry in sustainable textiles showcased by The Sustainable Angle indicates great potential for the Future Fabrics Expo, as they offer a platform for the textile industry as well as sustainable initiatives like CmiA.” – Aid by Trade Foundation

“We really enjoyed participating at the Future Fabrics Expo. It was great to have the opportunity to share our research with the fashion and textile industry, and we had some brilliant conversations that will help contribute to the development of our work. The digital and physical space curated by The Sustainable Angle captured an exciting and important movement for the textile and fashion industry that is gearing towards future developments in transparency, open innovation and new collaborative partnerships.” – FIREup

“We are getting many e-mails from customers that are ordering colour swatches [right after the expo] and that is really positive. We are really pleased with The Sustainable Angle’s work. We think it is important to have our material shown on their website and expo.” – Atlantic Leather

“The Future Fabrics Expo was a great launching point for the London Cloth Co and has led to new business, and contact with one of the UK’s biggest fashion retailers. The expo outshone the entire SVP trade fair, in terms of accessibility, interest and creativity.” – London Cloth Company

“We have exhibited our textiles at the Future Fabrics Expo since its inception. Thanks to the innovative work of The Sustainable Angle, we have connected with fashion brands around the world, been featured in WGSN, Drapers, and other international publications, and met some amazing individuals who share our passion for fashion & sustainability.” – Stephanie Joy Benedetto, Co-Founder & Business Director Paper No.9

“TSA did a great job, really thumbs up. Some brands already contacted us as a result of the expo. We look forward to future cooperation.” – Lebenskleidung

“The Future Fabrics Expo organized by The Sustainable Angle has provided the right platform for Bougainvillea Couture luxurious fabrics, the event has generated interest from a wide range of international and locally based fashion designers looking for innovation and lower environmental impact materials. We believe that The Sustainable Angle provide the best collection of fabrics made responsibly and ethically for an audience keen to integrate textile sustainability and transparency into their business core” – Bougainvillea Couture

“Ecosilks has been promoting peace silk in the UK for the last 3 years, but we have not come across a better platform than The Sustainable Angle. They have given us a much wider exposure and the Expo provided us with multiple enquiries after the event. We highly recommend using The Sustainable Angle to help develop your business and to provide new opportunities for growth.” – Ecosilks

Workshop Testimonials

“The Designing for sustainability: pros and cons of natural and man-made fibres masterclass was really beneficial, with lots of practical points to build into our design process, and very up to date information on new fabric and sustainability developments. The Sustainable Angle team were really welcoming and it was a great opportunity to learn from their expertise in a small group.” – Sophie Lang, Associate Merchandiser,  Mantis World

“The Sustainable Angle Masterclass was excellent! The team were friendly, welcoming and the content of the talk very informative. We also had the opportunity to browse all the up-to-date selection of diverse fabric qualities which was great. Nina & Amanda were very helpful and happy to answer any questions during this time.

I would highly recommend the talks or the Fabric Expo to anyone in the Industry. Its a really positive well run organisation, making important steps forward which is both hopeful and inspiring.

I look forward to visiting again.” – Zaffran Bennett

” With clear presentations, inspiring examples and hands on sample exploration, the Future Fabrics Expo Masterclass has really given me the further understanding and confidence to begin making lasting sustainable changes in my own company.” – Matthew Oliver, Product Designer, Larsson & Jennings