Future Fabrics Expo 2014

The fourth Future Fabrics Expo* took place for the second time within Fashion SVP at London Olympia, the leading UK fashion manufacturing sourcing event specializing in near-shore manufacturing.

Having seen such an increasing commitment each year from high volume as well as designer and niche brands to lower their environmental impact, we were pleased to once again provide an opportunity for visitors to discover the latest sustainable fabric innovations in a comprehensive curated showcase.

The Future Fabrics Expo was shown to be a key platform for showcasing both sustainable textiles, and initiatives and tools from a range of organisations which were presented at our sustainability Info Hub.

A key focus for the 4th Future Fabrics Expo was on supply chain traceability, and we additionally presented a seminar on ‘building sustainability into your textile buying’, exploring how to assess fabrics in relation to sustainability, avoiding pitfalls when sourcing sustainably, and developments of the sustainable textiles market.

You can read more about it on our blog.

* The Future Fabrics Expo is a curated showcase of high quality fashion fabrics with a reduced environmental impact. Since its inception in 2011, the Future Fabrics Expo has achieved a winning combination of increasing the visibility of innovative textiles, effectively promoting and communicating textiles with a lower environmental impact to designers and buyers in an accessible design-led format.

The 4th Future Fabrics Expo was generously sponsored by Kassim Denim and Elmer & Zweifel. Find out about our partners and supporters here.



“It was a really great experience to visit the Expo, as it’s such an opportunity for designers and brands to source their materials from more sustainable mills. The platform you provide makes it a lot easier to get in contact or even discover new mills, such as emerging innovative materials.” – Ana Pasalic from Stella McCartney Ltd


“The 6th Future Fabrics Expo has a great selection of fabrics and fashion materials, and the guided tour!” – COS


“The 6th Future Fabrics Expo is a very visionary and inspiring showcase. It is the future.” – M&S


“This was a great event with a good selection of brands attending and I learned about some new fibre technologies that have recently been released onto the market as a result. If you’re looking for sustainable fabrics the Sustainable Angle has a great library to browse covering all different product types and manufacturing regions.”


“The expo was very good and the cause is really important. The expo was very well put together… I really appreciated the expo, and I would like to visit again.” – H&M


“It [Future Fabrics Expo] is very interesting, and super useful. Anybody who is interested in sustainable textiles should go; it is a great sourcing hub.” – Katharine Hamnett