Who We Are

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Nina Marenzi – Founder and Director

While Nina was researching for her dissertation ‘Organic Cotton: Reasons Why the Fashion Industry is Dragging its Heels’ for her MSc in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development at Imperial College, she interviewed numerous fashion designers, representatives of the textiles industry, and NGOs. As a result, the need for a curated sustainable textiles showcase became apparent and the Future Fabrics Expo was born. Nina has previously worked as a consultant on various environmental policy initiatives, and set up The Sustainable Angle in 2010 to initiate and support projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact of industry.

Amanda Johnston – Curator and Education Consultant

Amanda Johnston is curator and consultant at The Sustainable Angle, having curated the sustainable textiles collection and Future Fabrics Expo since its inception. She has a background in design consultancy and education, and has co-authored two books: Fabric For Fashion, and Fabric For Fashion The Swatch Book (both published 2010; 2nd edition 2014). Amanda teaches at the London College of Fashion, and regularly runs sustainable materials workshops, delivering presentations and seminars internationally, both at industry events and in educational forums. Amanda has a degree in Fashion Design from Kingston University.

Erica Cobb – Coordinator, Sustainable Food Educational Projects

Having grown up on a farm, Erica has always had a love of nature and an appreciation for sustainably and ethically sourced food. In an effort to seek a more harmonious relationship between man and his edible environment she became co-founder and supporter of the Memphis Center for Food and Faith, the Bring It Food Hub, and the Memphis Tilth project. She now brings her passion and dedication to sustainable foods through education and practical implementation to The Sustainable Angle.

Christina Tiran - Future Fabrics Virtual Expo project manager

Christina holds a degree in Fashion Design from the London College of Fashion, where she was able to commence a study abroad term in India and subsequently worked as a volunteer for different companies and NGO’s promoting low-impact fashion. To better understand the challenges we are facing to get to a low-emission-industry across the world, she is now studying Politics at SOAS. This allows her to get involved with the social and political aspects of the industry.

Gemma Vanson – Project Manager

Having graduated from London College of Fashion with a degree in Fashion Design and Development, Gemma discovered a passion for fabrics and textiles working for independent and luxury fashion designers in product development and production. Gemma has a firsthand understanding of sourcing materials sustainably, to mitigate our environmental impact while ensuring a socially responsible and culturally aware design approach to fashion design and development.