The Sustainable Angle

The Sustainable Angle was established as a not for profit organization in Switzerland in 2010 with the aim of initiating and supporting projects that lower the environmental impact of industry and society. The fashion and textile industries are amongst the worlds most polluting, and as such, became the main focus of our work The Future Fabrics Expo was initiated in order to effect positive change within the industry by connecting and promoting innovators and suppliers of sustainable materials with fashion brands. In order to achieve this, we established a set of criteria and researching sustainable materials that meet them became our main task. We contextualize this activity with the provision of much needed educational information regarding sustainability in textiles, via workshops and informative events.

The Sustainable Angle receives funding via donations and support from foundations and other entities, including sustainable textile suppliers who receive promotion via our activities and initiatives. The crucial research and educational information that we disseminate supports and underpins the meaningful change required by the industry. Without the aforementioned generous donations and contributions that support The Sustainable Angle, we could not provide the research that forms the backbone of knowledge to inform this critical change. 

As the Future Fabrics Expo has matured and sustainable textiles and practices have become more widespread, demand from both industry and suppliers has increased and more expansive showcases and event spaces became necessary, offering exhibitors producing sustainable materials the scope to present more extensive ranges of materials in the Future Fabrics Expo in their own dedicated spaces. 

This expansion necessitated the creation of a UK entity, established for insurance and liability purposes, with London being our main geographical location. 

This entity, Future Fabrics Expo Ltd, will, hopefully in the future be able to not only be self-sufficient, (it is currently partly supported by The Sustainable Angle) but will eventually generate funds which will loop back to The  Sustainable Angle, in order to support the educational research and engagement that is a significant part of what we do. We are focused on operating as independently as possible.

Future Fabrics Expo

The Future Fabrics Expo is a showcase of responsibly produced materials devised by The Sustainable Angle. We aim to improve the visibility of innovative textiles and materials for fashion with a reduced environmental impact. We support this endeavor with educational resources that consider impacts across the whole supply chain, in order to promote and facilitate more informed material selections and practices within the fashion industry. You can view a selection of materials shown at the 8th Future Fabrics Expo online at

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