“The Future Fabrics Expo is one of the most exciting events in the sourcing calendar. The FFE team have done an incredible job curating such a wide range of amazing exhibitors – nowhere else is there such a variety of innovative and sustainable fabrics, plus the seminars are insightful and thought-provoking. One not to miss!”

“The Future Fabrics Expo was a wonderful platform to deliver the critical sustainability message amongst the fashion industry.
The visitors were able to learn, understand and share the latest in sustainable development in different areas, meet and discuss the new
initiatives of future materials, with industry wide representatives. We were really impressed that visitors attended from all over the world,
and were so receptive to the innovative and constructive ideas showcased throughout the Expo in their discussions with us”.

“We are more than pleased with the latest Future Fabric Expo in London. It is the only textile show where we participate as a core exhibitor, and we certainly intend to continue doing so! For us the concept is very much unique in that it has an open and welcoming collaborative concept. It creates a wonderful atmosphere where like minded people that are serious about making our industry more sustainable can come together to share, listen, learn and create”.

“It was a really great experience to visit the Expo, as it’s such an opportunity for designers and brands to source their materials from more sustainable mills. The platform you provide makes it a lot easier to get in contact or even discover new mills, such as emerging innovative materials.” – Ana Pasalic from Stella McCartney Ltd

“The Expo was a great experience for us as a Sustainable Packaging company. It was very well organized and we were able to meet many exciting brands all the way from start-up stage to some of the largest brands around”.


“Sustainability, allows us to join hands with other industries in the pursuit of a common goal, since we all should embrace this cause. Although this type of event is not a natural habitat for an outsoles manufacturer, we´ve got an incredible feedback from all types of professionals in the fashion industry.

It has also brought us new challenges, as we´ve got requests for other types of business, using our factory and sustainable approaches.

We´ve started this path of a circular approach more than 10 years ago. Nowadays, it´s rewarding to be at events where we find people in line with our vision. We will definitely be back to present our new advanced sustainable solutions, as this is ongoing process.

The time is now!”

“The Future Fabrics Expo, organised by The Sustainable Angle, gave a great opportunity to make the many visitors aware of GOTS. The Expo allowed us to make the link between GOTS and the touch and feel of really sustainable fabrics that carry our logo and which are available to designers now.” – Christopher Stopes UK Representative of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

“The innovation embodied in the event was exceptional…[The] Future Fabrics Expo highlighted the sheer range of sustainable solutions available on the global market today, and demonstrated that the pace of innovation in sustainable technology is reaching the stage where it can comfortably keep up with consumer demand…”

“[Conventional] cotton is so overrated. The Future Fabrics Expo is really good to find alternative fabrics.”

“It [Future Fabrics Expo] is very interesting, and super useful. Anybody who is interested in sustainable textiles should go; it is a great sourcing hub.”

“The big interest of the Fashion industry in sustainable textiles showcased by The Sustainable Angle indicates great potential for the Future Fabrics Expo, as they offer a platform for the textile industry as well as sustainable initiatives like CmiA.”

“We believe [Future Fabrics Expo] has the potential to become a significant force in steering the industry down a greener route.”

“The Future Fabrics Expo had a real buzz about it and was a great opportunity for us to meet a cross section of the Fashion industry interested to think about where their products are coming from and how they have been made. It is great to see so many people passionate about sustainability, and we hope the event will continue to grow.”

“Oh joy to be confronted with the largest choice of sustainable fabrics and sustainable fabric producers I have ever seen in one place. Well done for bringing together so many sustainable mills and producers.”

“The expo was very good and the cause is really important. The expo was very well put together… I really appreciated the expo, and I would like to visit again.”

The Sustainable Angle held their Future Fabrics Expo… amid European wholesale traders… [there] were soft nettle fabrics, waterproofs made of coffee waste, Icelandic fish leathers and water-soluble swing tags from Avery Dennison… “If a business wants to futureproof itself, it has to have a sustainability plan,” says The Sustainable Angle’s director Nina Marenzi. The exhibition was fabulous. What a great opportunity to be able to see the various approaches and aspects of sustainability and be able to compare the fabrics side by side.”

“Each time I visit the show, I am impressed with the number of alternative fabrics that are available.”

“Future Fabrics Expo is brilliant and cohesive and provided me with lots of interesting new solutions”

“I really appreciate the initiative and think it’s very important to have this expo on sustainable fabrics. It was a clear set up and I’m looking forward to pass by the next time!”



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