Sustainability is not a ‘trend’ or an option — it is now a critical imperative as the fashion and textile industries are currently amongst the most polluting on the planet.

The Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo and advisory services were conceived to inspire brands to diversify their materials choices, broaden their fibre base and explore innovations for the future.



We can create customised presentations to staff teams within your company, along with an edited version of our Future Fabrics Expo materials selection and a current holistic sustainability context with focused content on your specific product requirements.


Sourcing Assistance

Designing sustainable products effectively begins with a big-picture view of selecting materials that can implement positive change. We can provide businesses and organisations specific sourcing assistance about making informed decisions about materials that are used for their products, and tailored textile reports in specific material categories, which suit your brand’s brief. 


Advisory Services

We assist management, operations and design teams within a wide range of companies to adopt more sustainable sourcing practices and strategies. Advisory Services can be tailored to the individual requirements of the brand, in forms of research reports, workshops, seminars and more, as well as collaborate on industry and educational projects.

Since its inception in 2010, The Sustainable Angle has had strong links with textile mills, brands, NGOs, and academia.



We hold several themed master classes throughout the year which are hosted at our West London studio. You can learn about the sustainability imperative in relation to the fashion industry, and how new innovations are poised to change our future materials landscape. You can also browse thousands of globally sourced textiles and materials, each labelled with detailed sustainability information, environmental certifications, and contact details of suppliers.



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