Future Fabrics Expo Seminar Videos

The Future Fabrics Expo‘s popular Seminar Programme series returned this year to our eighth edition at Victoria House, London, with a new lineup of speakers from some of the most influential organisations in sustainable textiles and fashion. Seminar series sponsored in partnership with G-Star RAW. Select full videos available below.  

Arizona Muse, model and sustainability campaigner, moderating the conversation between Tiziano Guardini, Designer, and Adriana Galijasevic, Denim and Sustainability Expert, G-Star RAW, about the challenges and opportunities they face integrating sustainability.
Orsola de Castro, Fashion Revolution, in conversation with Claire Bergkamp, Stella McCartney (Audio only)
Matthew Drinkwater, Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion, in conversation with Emma Scarf, Fashion for Good - Plug and Play Accelerator. Moderated by Bel Jacobs.
Lukas Fuchs, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, introduction to the circular economy and "How to Make Fashion Circular" followed by a conversation with Sergi Masip, Hallotex, on circular fashion in practice from the perspective of the supplier. Moderated by Bel Jacobs.
Edwina Ehrman, Curator of V&A's exhibition 'Fashioned from Nature' in conversation with Ben Gleisner, Connecting Good (CoGo) and Conscious Consumer Guide, on "Is a labelling system going to help shoppers to buy clothes that don't cost the planet?" Moderated by Bel Jacobs.
Seminar on Innovation: Paulo Amaury of Nova Kaeru, Matthias Foessel of Beyond Surface Technologies, and Jonna Haeggblom of circular.fashion. Moderated by Bel Jacobs.
Krishna Manda, Lenzing Group, on the company's approach to circularity
Michael Kininmonth, Lenzing Group, on the microplastics problem in fashion
Seminar Panel on Waste and Recycling: Besim Özek of Bossa Denim, Tada Satoshi of Toyoshima and Fabrizio Tesi of Comistra. Tommaso Rulli representing Profits Fund Global. Moderated by Clare Press.
What are the realities of producing materials in China: Thecla Loh, Shokay and Tommaso Rulli, Profits Fund Global. Moderated by Bel Jacobs.
Amanda Johnston, Curator, The Sustainable Angle's Future Fabrics Expo, presenting a lecture for students
Future Fabrics Expo 2019 Highlights