8th Future Fabrics Expo 24 - 25th January 2019

Our Future Fabrics Expo returns on 24-25 January 2019 for its greatest showcase yet!

The Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo is the largest dedicated showcase of sustainable materials for the fashion and textile industry in Europe.  The expo features thousands of commercially-available fabrics and materials from suppliers who are offering innovative solutions with a lower environmental footprint. 

Our biggest-ever edition will be in a new venue of 22,000 sq ft at Victoria House in London, WC1.



24 – 25 January, 2019

Opening Hours:
Thursday & Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm 

Location Details:
Victoria House Basement
Bloomsbury Square, Southampton Row
London, WC1B 4DA
Nearest tube station:  Holborn station, Central line.


Future Fabrics Expo is a platform to:

  • Discover more sustainable textiles and innovations that are responsibly produced, traceable, and with a lower environmental footprint;
  • Learn more about the efforts of global textile mills who aim to design, manufacture, and function more sustainably;
  • Enable informed sourcing solutions by providing educational background information and research;
  • Extend networks in the fashion and textile industries.


At 2019 Future Fabrics Expo, we invite you to:

  • Source from thousands of textiles and materials each labelled with sustainability information, environmental certification details, and contact details of suppliers
  • Join our popular seminar programme (see list of speakers below)
  • Visit dedicated presentation spaces for our sponsors and core-exhibitors
  • Explore the Innovation Hub, featuring emerging materials and technologies includes an exclusive collaboration with Fashion for Good’s Plug and Play Accelerator Programme
  • Learn more about current major trends and environmental issues with our informative educational materials displayed throughout the showcase
  • Discover manufacturers and globally recognised certifiers
  • Experience our sustainable fashion brands showcase featuring their supply chain stories, from materials sourcing to product realisation


Seminar Programme

Our annual Seminar Programme features panel discussions and presentations with key thought leaders, innovators, industry insiders, textiles producers and designers. This year’s guests speakers include:

24th January 2019 :

  • Dilys WilliamsCentre for Sustainable Fashion
  • Krishna MandaLenzing Group
  • Besim Özek, Director of Bossa Denim and Hideaki Nakano, Chief Clerk of Toyoshima
  • Matthew Drinkwater, Centre for Fashion Enterprise, Fashion Innovation Agency in conversation with Emma Scarf Fashion for Good- Plug and Play Accelerator
  • Orsola de Castro, Fashion Revolution in conversation with Claire Bergkamp, Stella McCartney
  • Edwina Ehrman,Victora & Albert Museum’s Fashioned From Nature in conversation with Ben GleisnerConnecting Good (CoGo) and Conscious Consumer Guide 

    25th January 2019: 
  • Lukas FuchsEllen MacArthur Foundation
    followed by a conversation with Sergi Massip, Hallotex, on circular fashion in practice from the perspective of a supplier
  • Michael Kininmonth, Lenzing Group on the microplastics problem in fashion
  • Panel discussion about the realities of producing materials in China: Shokay, Profits Fund and Advance Denim
  • Tiziano Guardini in conversation with Arizona Muse
  • Core Exhibitor innovations panelNova Kaeru and BST
  • Amanda Johnston, Curator of FFE, giving a presentation lecture to students


Speakers and panel discussions will be introduced by Arizona Muse, model and sustainability campaigner and Bel Jacobs, ethical fashion journalist and former fashion editor for Metro. 

Stay tuned for more updates and speakers in the upcoming weeks, or follow us on Twitter for the latest news. 


Core Exhibitors 

Thousands of curated materials in the Future Fabrics Expo are surrounded by dedicated presentation spaces of our sponsors and core exhibitors: 

core-exhibitors for the #FUTUREFABRICSEXPO 



Our innovative materials and fabrics on display include:
organic-cotton, regenerated cellulosics, recycled pre / post-consumer textiles, low-impact dyes, vegan leather, materials derived from algae, agricultural food waste…and more!

Since 2011, the Expo has facilitated and supported sustainable sourcing practices, enabling fashion brands to begin diversifying their fabrics and materials and lowering environmental impacts.



Interested in showcasing at our event?
Please contact info@thesustainableangle.org



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