Future of Fashion: Sustainable Innovation at its Core

15th September 2017     Event Fashion

As part of London Fashion Week’s Positive Fashion initiative launching in September 2017, The Sustainable Angle is holding a talk Future of Fashion: sustainable innovation at its core on 18th September 2017.

This will be the first time sustainability in fashion will be discussed in such a format at LFW focusing on innovations that lower the environmental impact of fashion.

A panel of thought leaders, industry insiders and experts discuss the future of fashion and how sustainable innovations can improve the industry and lessen the impact on the environment. With the fashion industry having one of the largest environmental footprint on our planet through depletion of our natural resources, pollution and waste creation, action is required. Discussed are what solutions are available already, how the industry can be improved and what exciting innovations exist.

The Panel:

Daniel Lismore London based artist, fashion designer, celebrity stylist, writer and human rights campaigner.

An artist and fashion designer known for elaborate and extravagant ensembles that brilliantly combine haute couture with his own creations, vintage fabrics, found objects, chainmail, ethnic jewellery, millinery and more in an expression of eccentric, creative energy. Daniel Lismore is engaged in sustainability and advises clients like Vivienne Westwood. Author of ‘Daniel Lismore: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken’.

LENZING Group, Andreas Dorner, Commercial Director Textiles, Europe & Americas.

Lenzing Group supplies the global textile and non-wovens industry with high-quality, botanic cellulose fibers such as TENCEL® and RefibraTM in a closed loop production process, representing sustainable alternatives for the fashion industry.

Arizona Muse, Model, Mother, World Citizen

Arizona is an American fashion model living in London, engaged with moving the fashion industry into a more sustainable industry. Involved with Fashion Revolution and participating in the Green Carpet challenge during Milan Fashion week.

Avery Dennison retail branding and information solutions, Helen Sahi, Senior Director for Sustainability

Avery Denison RBIS have a broad offering of responsible, ingenious solutions achieving environmental targets and sustainability goals such as eliminating waste to landfill, making labels that are bio-based and using chemicals that are not harmful. There is a wide range of solutions supporting designers who use a diverse portfolio of sustainable branding elements. With high sustainability standards that exceed the industry norm, the company is committed to leveraging our reputation among retailers, manufacturers, and brands to accelerate performance intelligently, while delivering positive economic, social, and environmental impact.

BYSSHE, Henry Palmer, Founder

Bysshe Partnership produces high quality fabrics in the traditional textile heartland of the British Isles using natural and organic fibres, sourcing yarns from the UK and Europe. Sustainability and regional autonomy are crucial to the way the company works, offering a fabric range that protects the environment and supports non-exploitative textile production.

Chaired by Amanda Johnston, curator and consultant of FUTURE FABRICS EXPO of THE SUSTAINABLE ANGLE. Lecturer at the London College of Fashion, co-author of ‘Fabric for Fashion’. The Sustainable Angle is a not for profit organisation that informs & promotes sustainable practices in the fashion industry through the Future Fabrics Expo since 2011, a curated showcase of 3000 fashion materials from over 100 suppliers with a lower environmental impact.

To get in touch about this invite only event, please email info@thesustainableangle.org