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The Future Fabrics Virtual Expo has been conceived to extend the lifespan of the successful 3rd Future Fabrics Expo through year-round online access to a curated range of sustainable fabrics and mills.

You now no longer need to wait until the next Future Fabrics Expo to discover new sustainable fabrics and mills, and the diverse range of fabrics and information that is rigorously researched throughout the year by The Sustainable Angle.

Visit the Future Fabrics Virtual Expo here


The Sustainable Angle is a not for profit organisation which initiates and supports projects which contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of industry and society.

We have embarked on projects addressing these issues in different industries including agriculture and fashion, as all industry is interrelated and can contribute to negative impact on people and planet. Our main projects to date are the Future Fabrics Expo, Future Fabrics Virtual Expo, and the Greenhorns movie.

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Future Fabrics Expo

Our project The Future Fabrics Expo focuses on the fashion industry and how its environmental impact can be lowered through innovation in the textile industry, and novel ideas to transform the fashion system and design practice.

The Future Fabrics Expo has achieved a winning combination of increasing the visibility of innovative textiles, and promoting and communicating textiles with a lower environmental impact to designers, buyers, press and global organisations, in a setting that is designed and curated to introduce textiles for the future with a lower environmental impact in a jargon-free manner.

Find out more about the Future Fabrics Expo and our past and upcoming events here.

Nike x LCF

The Sustainable Angle worked on the exciting Nike x London College of Fashion “Mobilize Makers” project, curating and presenting a diverse range of sustainable textiles and materials for the students and designers. The Future Fabrics Expo presentation provided new information and a sourcing opportunity for those involved in the project, and aided the development of the Nike Making app.

See the video here

The Greenhorns Movie

We supported the Greenhorns movie about the Young Farmer Movement in America, more info at “The Greenhorns” documents the decisive reemergence on our national landscape of a key cultural and economic force, the young American farmer. These greenhorns are working to reverse negative trends in favour of healthy food, local and regional foodsheds, and the revitalization of rural economies, one farm at a time.

View the trailer here    |    More information here

Events / Presentations

In addition to projects, The Sustainable Angle regularly presents at events and conferences. You can read about past and upcoming events, presentations, talks and workshops on our blog.

Past events include: INSPIRE at ISPO MunichSustainable Sourcing workshop with UKTI & UKFT, Sustainable Brands Conference, Creative Hub sustainable start-ups workshopsLCF & British Council workshop, Multi brand sustainable materials workshops, Ethical Fashion Forum Source SummitMADE-BY partner conference, Sustainable leather innovations launch lecture.