British Food Fortnight

During British Food Fortnight the Sustainable Angle organised a series of morning assemblies and outings for Queen’s Gate Junior School in West London.

The week kicked off with an assembly sponsored by Riverford Organic Farms on ugly veg and food waste.  The girls were introduced to the many and varied colours, shapes and sizes of UK fruit and veg.  Everyone particularly liked the purple carrot and the three legged carrot.  We discussed how our food grows, the importance of healthy soil and the waste involved in discarding fruit and veg that do not conform to standard shape and size for our local supermarkets.  


The following school assembly welcomed Helen Browning from the Soil Association to talk about why she wanted to be a farmer and the  importance of looking after our soils for growing healthy food.


We also welcomed Richard Glassborow of the London Beekeepers Association to talk to the girls about the importance of bees within out food chain.  He brought along his observation hive and talked about life within the hive and how being “queen bee” isn’t all that glamorous!


Our final assembly was extremely exciting as two hens from Rookery Farms  laid eggs in situ.  The girls were able to hold the warm freshly laid eggs as well handle all of the misshapen eggs that can only be sold direct to customers at the farmer’s market as they do not conform to super market standards.



The Queen’s Gate girls also took advantage of local venues The Holland Park Edible Teaching Garden and the Royal Parks Foundation Education Centre in Hyde Park to further observe and study plant life cycles, taste food fresh from the garden, hold composting worms and spend a day on Sheep Drove’s 2500 acre organic farm.