Food related educational projects

The Sustainable Angle’s projects to date have addressed environmental and social issues in different industries including fashion and agriculture.

We are now adding a new dimension to our work, focusing on our edible environment, with an aim to connecting primarily, though not exclusively, the next generation with where their food comes from, to foster a better understanding of sustainable food systems and encourage them and their member institutions (i.e. schools, places of employment) to become more active participants in enjoying more sustainably grown food.

Dressed and Fed

TSA 2nd annual lecture 24th January 2017

The Sustainable Angle recently hosted its second annual lecture as part of our work focusing on the edible environment, with an aim to strengthening our connection with where our food comes from and fostering a better understanding of sustainable food and agriculture systems.

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The Soil Association

Erica’s most recent collaboration with the Soil Association…




Have you watched ‘From Potato to Planet’ yet? Find out what could happen if we all shopped organic.



British Food Fortnight

During British Food Fortnight the Sustainable Angle organised a series of morning assemblies and outings for Queen’s Gate Junior School in West London.

The week kicked off with an assembly sponsored by Riverford Organic Farms on ugly veg and food waste.  The girls were introduced to the many and varied colours, shapes and sizes of UK fruit and veg.  Everyone particularly liked the purple carrot and the three legged carrot.  We discussed how our food grows, the importance of healthy soil and the waste involved in discarding fruit and veg that do not conform to standard shape and size for our local supermarkets.  

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The Greenhorns Movie

We supported the Greenhorns movie about the Young Farmer Movement in America, more info at “The Greenhorns” documents the decisive reemergence on our national landscape of a key cultural and economic force, the young American farmer. These greenhorns are working to reverse negative trends in favour of healthy food, local and regional foodsheds, and the revitalization of rural economies, one farm at a time.

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