Sustainable Sourcing Workshop with UKTI and UKFT

10th February 2016     Event Future Fabrics Expo Sourcing

Last week we coordinated and hosted another sustainable materials sourcing workshop ‘Essential Supply Chain Alternatives for a Responsible Business’, for the first time in collaboration with UKTI (UK Trade & Investment), with a stunning venue generously provided by UKFT (UK Fashion & Textiles Association). We were delighted to welcome delegates from many of the UKs leading medium and large size brands, from departments including design, development, sourcing and sustainability.


Amanda Johnston from The Sustainable Angle presenting, photography by UKTI

The day provided the opportunity to get an overview of the current textiles landscape, highlighting the pressing need for businesses to explore and lead on more sustainable business practices and sourcing strategies.

Updates about COP21, The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and other organisations, initiatives and solutions reinforced the fact that change must begin now, starting by assessing the impact current business practices are having on the environment and communities, and identifying the potential financial benefits that can be achieved through identifying, assessing, and removing / improving waste streams and polluting processes among countless other impacts in the supply chain.

We rounded off the day by sharing some of the latest sustainable materials innovations, both already available and in development for future purchasing, to encourage future thinking when it comes to sustainable sourcing. The key idea we wish brands to consider is that introducing more sustainable materials and processes in to the supply chain doesn’t have to mean that current supply chains must be abandoned and completely rebuilt, rather that new companies and innovations can be introduced in to existing supply chains, or that existing suppliers and brands can work together to improve working practices, introduce the use of new fibres and processes, or develop entirely new sustainable materials.


Amanda Johnston from The Sustainable Angle, photography by UKTI

As with all of our events, there were also information boards and hundreds of sustainable materials on show, to illustrate the increasing range of commercially available materials on the market today – as well as numerous emerging innovations that we highlighted in our presentation. We are continuing to expand our collection of over 1,500 sustainable materials, and look forward at showcasing them at future events (find out about our most recent materials showcases at ISPO Munich and the 5th Future Fabrics Expo).


Sustainable fabric browsing, photography by UKTI

We are planning to run more workshops in the coming months which will be targeted to allow professionals from different areas of the industry and businesses to get the most beneficial experience. You can register interest in attending future workshops by emailing charlotte [at] – please provide a bit of information about yourself and your company, and what you would be interested to find out or do at future workshops and events.

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