The Sustainable Angle becomes an Ethical Fashion Forum Fellowship 500 Member

25th July 2012     Event Fabrics Future Fabrics Expo The Sustainable Angle Ethical

Written by Charlotte Turner

The Sustainable Angle are proud to announce that they have joined the ranks of The Ethical Fashion Forum’s Fellowship 500, which has been launched with the aim of taking the fashion industry to tipping point – the point at which sustainable practices by fashion businesses become the rule rather than the exception to it – from field to final product.

This group of pioneering innovators in fashion and sustainability also have the opportunity to help shape EFF’s strategy to transform social and environmental standards in the fashion industry, and on July 25th the Fellowship met in London to do just this. The event was a platform to network, exchange knowledge, and learn more about current issues regarding sustainable practices, and ways in which the industry can continue moving closer to a more sustainable future. The day was a fantastic opportunity to hear from a diverse range of passionate and experienced speakers, and produced much food for thought.

Read more about the Source Summit soon here and on our website.