The Sustainable Angle | Future Fabrics Expo | Covid-19 Update…

24th March 2020     News



Our thoughts are with our community of designers and creatives, mills, suppliers and manufacturers working in the apparel industry, and as we continue to experience and confront the unprecedented and evolving global challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our lives, we want you to know how The Sustainable Angle and its Future Fabrics Expo will play its role. Please see links and info further below as to how our community can help during this difficult time.

We extend our best wishes to those who are currently unwell or who may have lost loved ones. We also express our gratitude to all those working on the frontlines. It is heartening to see so many in the sustainability and fashion community supporting this effort as much as they can and the community coming together. We are sharing below links to different initiatives you as a creator or supplier can get involved to play your part. Staying connected and supportive through these unprecedented times is more important than ever before.


As an organisation, The Sustainable Angle has been busy further developing our online platform: the Future Fabrics Virtual Expo which was updated during our recent 9th Future Fabrics Expo (28-30th Jan 2020). We will continue to develop this further to allow the sourcing and experiencing of fabrics and materials virtually. The next masterclass will take place online on the 25th March via Zoom, and hopefully in the near future live-streamed as soon as possible so that while social interaction is still restricted we can help you source materials and discover how our industry and your choices can contribute to:



With so many of our colleagues and the community now working from home, we will offer a series of learning and sourcing online, releasing reports, and providing our advisory services remotely to brands over the coming weeks and months, enabling remote access to engaging research and content, so that you can capitalize on learning opportunities for your teams. Ensure you follow us on all our channels. We will continue to support especially smaller companies and suppliers, helping them to gain visibility on our platforms during these challenging times. We are committed more than ever to help the fashion industry to transition to a more responsible sector by offering education and solutions.

In the last few weeks and months, it has become apparent just how polluting human’s industrial activities are, and when stopped, how nature can recover: from the canals in Venice now running with clearer water to the satellite maps showing the absence of Italy’s industrial impacts, and the clear skies in Wuhan province and beyond show just how much our human activities have been polluting in the starkest and indisputable way. Simon Kuper writes in the Financial Times, March 19th, about the green lining to this pandemic: Air pollution kills about 1.1 million people in China alone every year.  The fall in pollution during the country’s lockdown in January and February has been calculated by Marshall Burke of Stanford University’s Department of Earth System Science to “likely saved 20 times more lives in China than have currently been lost due to infection with the virus in that country.” 


Source: NASA and European Space Agency (ESA), pollution monitoring satellites have detected significant decreases in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over China.

We must ensure that we will not go back to the pre-COVID 19 polluting industrial productions, and instead create and produce with materials that are safe and renewable, non-toxic and carbon-negative when the time comes and this challenging situation has been overcome. In the words of renowned trend forecaster Li Edelkoort:  

“We will have to pick up the residue and reinvent everything from scratch once the virus is under control.”

As an organisation, The Sustainable Angle is committed to help facilitate this reinvention and we look forward to the 10th Future Fabrics Expo in 2021 when hopefully we will find each other face to face, safe and sound. 



We have been inspired by how the community has come together with many brands switching their supply chains to help with the situation coordinating the production of face masks by smaller companies like Phoebe English, coordinating social outreach to affected communities by Bethany Williams, to organisations such as LVMH producing disinfectant gels instead of perfumes, Italian brands and the Kering Group making large donations to hospitals in Italy.