The Sustainable Angle talks sustainable materials in Argentina

1st November 2016     Fashion Sustainable The Sustainable Angle Students


The Sustainable Angle’s educational consultant and curator Amanda Johnston recently travelled to Argentina to present seminars and participate in workshops during a British Council and London College of Fashion knowledge exchange initiative during DISENO 2016. The program began in Buenos Aires, with a lecture to an audience of SME’s about the issues surrounding the fashion and textiles industries, and to discuss what we can do to reduce our impact on global communities and our environment.

The talk was part of a series of events during DISENO 2016, organised by INTI, Argentina’s National Institute of Industrial Technology Textile department which drew together a network of twenty participants from eight Universities, along with the young creators of start up brands. 


The program then moved on to Tucuman University in the North East of Argentina to meet with the Randera’s; craftswomen continuing the intricate traditional knotted lace making technique of Randa. Following the Randa workshop, which raised issues surrounding authenticity, the preservation of craft and its potential place within a contemporary fashion industry. The team then arrived at the University residence in the breathtaking hills of San Javier for an immersive four days of creative workshops, think tanks and forming of manifesto’s that consider the social, cultural, ethical and ecological considerations of the role of the craftsperson, designer, and the impacts of the fashion industry.  

This initiative represents an exciting ongoing opportunity for exchanging knowledge and exploring education for sustainability across borders and cultures.

Education plays a vital role in moving the industry towards a more sustainable future, and we look forward to continuing to contribute to the debates and innovative development being initiated as a result of the increasing challenges our world is facing.