Nike LAUNCH 2020 Challenge – Seeking Innovators

28th May 2013     Fabrics Invitation Sustainable Competition

written by Charlotte Turner

Last month The Sustainable Angle was invited to take part in the Nike LAUNCH 2020 summit to work together in finding ‘game-changing’ technologies and innovations with the potential to bring about a more sustainable textiles industry.

So we have been asked to help with this search, and are inviting you to apply until July 15th for the LAUNCH Systems Challenge 2013 if you have developed an innovation(s) with potential to scale in 2 years, as well as game-changing early stage technologies and prototypes. Innovations can be business models, financial instruments, technologies and programs that accelerate research, education and capacity building.

“With this LAUNCH System Challenge 2013, LAUNCH seeks innovations that will transform the system of fabrics to one that advances equitable global economic growth, drives human prosperity and replenishes the planet’s resources.”

Find out more on the LAUNCH website or contact us at The Sustainable Angle.