Pratibha Syntex returns to Future Fabrics Expo

10th September 2013     Fabrics Future Fabrics Expo Sustainable The Sustainable Angle

written by Charlotte Turner

Returning to the Future Fabrics Expo this year is Pratibha Syntex, a generous sponsor of the expo for the second year running. Pratibha Syntex are a particularly exciting company to be involved in the expo due to the vision and commitment of their Managing Director, Shreyaskar Chaudhary, and their Manager of Sustainable Initiatives, Jayanti Mishra.

Pratibha Syntex is one of India’s largest vertically integrated knitted textiles suppliers, using organic cotton and recycled fibers. Pratibha partners with over 28,000 farmers across 130 acres of Organic, Fair Trade and BCI cotton.

Pratibha are involved in many sustainability initiatives including the Vasudha Farming Project and the LOOP recycling initiative.

In the last three years Pratibha has invested extensively in sustainable initiatives including a modern waste recycling facility. LOOP describes Pratibha’s initiative to reuse post-production textile and fibre waste. Pratibha refer to it as ‘reinstated fibre’, or fibre that is reintroduced back into a product life-cycle and thereby diverting it from landfill.

During garment manufacturing there are two stages in which a major source of waste is created, bulk garment cutting and spinning fibre waste. Pratibha utilizes these ‘losses’ to recreate beautiful fabrics.

LOOP is a concerted effort to reduce the impact of energy consumption, water consumption, chemical consumption, and fibre sourcing. Aptly derived from ‘close loop recycling’ system, LOOP utilizes all forms of fibre including post production ‘waste’ in an effort to achieve zero waste manufacturing.

You can see more of Pratibha Syntex at the Future Fabrics Expo on 22nd – 24th September 2013 at Olympia 2, London.

You can find out more and register to attend the Future Fabrics Expo here.